Grey Eagle


Into the dark valley they came, men and machines.
The air alive with cannon fire and the scream of aircraft
And men in mortal pain.

Transmissions screaming as they rip apart, blades swirling
And splintering as the cut they aircraft apart, fuel tanks
Exploding and aircraft in flames, crashing down thru the
Trees to explode on the ground.

Men and machine die as one, some in the air, some on the ground.
Still they keep coming and some do survive, some do land and their
Men they unload, men who fight and men who die, men who see
Their own souls in Deaths Dark Valley.

The fight is over; the skeletal remains are all that are left. The bones
Of men and machine: skulls still screaming in death as in life, as
They and their airplane died that day and night. Airframes crumpled
And mangled, all twisted and bent, the bare bones of the crews are
All that remain of true brave men who died in Death Valley.

On the ground, rifles, helmets and other weapons of war, skeletons
Locked in battle in death as in life, deaths heads grinning as they
Continue their eternal fight.

Yes many brave men died that sad day, many men and machines were
Were given to the devil for the right to pass through DEATH VALLEY.