Grey Eagle

(Clear Mission)

Many, many years in the distant past,
soldiers left their homes and families.
None wanted to go; none wanted to die
but they promised their lives for you
and for I.

All had a mission. All had a goal.
To fight with honor and bravery
was their goal.

These were just men, one and all;
most just barely past childhood
yet to war they did go.
Many could not be brave
though we all know they tried.
Some were so frightened
they just sat and cried.

Some were strong and they led the timid.
To them, they became friends and brothers.
They took them into harm’s way
and brought them home
all the way.

These were just me: they all had a mission.
Now that mission was just to survive.

In time those that survived came home
to the land they had left in their past.
All had done their mission
but they could not Charlie Mike.

Some could not adjust; some became lost.
Most just went back to their lives,
their jobs and the like.
But many could not Charlie Mike.

Many were lost to neglect and despair.
Many more buried their friends in their minds.
Those friends left behind,
those friends seen in the mind’s eye at night –

Those friends are why they cannot Charlie Mike.