Grey Eagle


From the hot deserts of the Southwest I came.
To the shores of Southeast Asia I did go.
I followed the path of the Old Ones,
Those Who Have Gone Before.
This is ever the way of the People.

For the people must follow the warriors’ trail,
it is our way.
The Old Ones have tried to give me their wisdom
in order that I might prevail and survive in a hostile land.

I have heard the stories of the Old Ones;
I have heard Those Who Went Before
as they have visited me at night.

My future is as yet unknown,
my destiny shrouded in mystery,
will I live or will I die;
only the Great Spirit can answer.

My blood is that of the Kiowa and Apache and White-eye.
We are as one with Mother Earth,
should I fall, I will return to Mother Earth.

Brother Coyote has taught me his tricks that will help me to prevail.
My spirit is with the Eagle as he soars on wings strong and bold,
His cry the clarions call of the warriors of old Who Have Gone Before.

The Great Spirit has shown the way,
should I fall in battle I will join Those Who Have Gone Before.

I have heard the distant drums and the bugles as they call.
I have heard the rattle of Sabers and the muffled cannons roar.
I must go even though I am afraid;
I must face my fears and follow Those Who Have Gone Before.

I must not falter,
I must not fail,
I must go forward,
I must prevail:
for to falter or fail is to bring shame and dishonor
to the Warriors of the People Who Have Gone Before.

I have sung my death song,
my future’s unknown;
I will follow the teachings of The Old Ones
and Those Who Have Gone Before.
I will go to that far away land;
that land so different from my desert home.

I will go the way of the warrior,
I may never return;
should I fall,
let me be surrounded by foes;
let me die a warriors death so that I may go in Honor
to the fires of Those Who Have Gone Before.

Great Spirit,
do not let my dishonor the People and my family and friends.
If you will that fall I must, let me die in battle
as a warrior should;
let my blood and body nourish Mother Earth where I fall.

Let my death mean life for another.
Tell the People and my family of my death;
do not let them mourn,
for I died as I wished in battle and with Honor.

Tell the People to sing of me in their lodges;
tell the little ones of the Warriors Who Have Gone Before;
it was a very good day to die.