Grey Eagle


What makes a soldier cry?
What makes a battle scarred warrior cry?

Why, nothing makes a soldier cry.
Nothing can touch the heart or soul of this battle scarred warrior.

He has seen war and death in all its terrible forms.
He has held his friends and seen them die.
He has sent his friends home and watched as their mothers and fathers cried.

Nothing makes a soldier cry.
Nothing can touch the heart of this battle-scarred soul.
A soldier has no heart or soul.
A soldier only fulfills his leader’s goals.

Nothing can make a soldier cry,
Not even the loss of friends;
Not even their own demise can make a soldier cry.

But a man cries
A man cries tears of pain, tears of heartbreak
A man cries tears of despair, tears of guilt.

A man will collapse in a sobbing heap
As he hears the last mournful note of Taps
Knowing he has at last laid his friend to rest.

A man and a soldier are one and the same,
But they are as different as night is to day.

A soldier cannot cry
A soldier cannot feel pain
This is left to the man
Who must forever live
With the memories of the soldier.