Grey Eagle


A Soldier’s life is one of sacrifice and giving
Ordinary men performing extraordinary deeds.
Deeds of valor and deeds unsung as many go to
Their graves; Unknown deeds of great valor.

Living a lonely life so that others do not;
A life in the cold and the heat, a life in the rain and snow:
In the heat of the deserts to the snows of Europe, to live
Without family so that you and yours may.

A soldier’s life can end in an instant by either foe or
God forbid by friendly fire.

A soldier can die doing deeds of great glory or die alone
In a dark damp jungle, alone save for his team. His mortal
Remains to return to the earth, his family never to know his fate.

A soldier sacrifices his life so that you may live in freedom.
A soldier gives his self to his country and uniform.
A soldier leaves his family so that you don’t have to.

A soldier lives his life quietly and without notice, serving
His country and his family with quiet pride, determined that
They shall never taste anything but freedom all their natural lives.

A soldier lives and dies by his mottos and creeds, from Semper Fi
To liberate the oppressed, we do not leave our wounded or our dead,
All must be returned, all must be honored.

A soldier’s life is one of sacrifice and giving. It was my privilege
And honor to have served.