Linda M. Graham (nee Luther)

(For the Families of Those Who Serve)

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: December 12, 2003
Awarded: December 12, 2003
Hello my dear husband
I pray that you’re okay
The children are all well
and I’m missing you today

The presents are all wrapped
Tucked underneath the tree
The only gift I really want
Is you safely home with me

The children send their love
I’ve enclosed their photograph
They hardly look the same
Since you left for that foreign land

It’s hard on them as me, my love
They ask for you each day
It’s difficult to answer questions
When tears get in the way

Your parents were here last week
They helped decorate outside
A neighbor asked them about you
They both swelled up with pride

I should close for now my darling
The postman’s due this way
I love you and I miss you
We count the days you’re home to stay

Your loving wife