Tonia Goros


He’s just a man like any other,
With brothers, sisters, a father, and mother.
He served his country like he should,
And claimed his glory, as he knew he would.

Americans were proud of this ordinary man,
For he fought for them and for their land.
So why did they turn from our friends, Sam,
Those brave soldiers of Vietnam.

Did they not risk their lives, too,
For the same Americans that treat them so cruel?
For they left their loved ones to fight for this land,
And came home feeling less than a man.

No welcome homes, no big parades,
Only stares and ugly accusations were made.
Our Vietnam vets deserve so much more;
they deserve the same glory given others before.

So I want to say, “thank you” Vietnam vet
You’ve served this country better than anyone yet.
For you fought that war in a foreign land,
Only to come home to fight it again.

Born in 1973, Tonia wrote this poem in 1984 when she was in the 6th grade. Her Father was a Vietnam Vet and after reading some of my stories on the IWVPA site, she gave a copy of it to me. I found it very touching that something like this could come from a small child, but it is evident that she saw in her Father the pain that was inside his heart after serving in the ‘Nam. I thought it was so exhilarating that such words of wisdom could come from the heart of a small child.

I would like for you to consider putting it on my page along with my stories, but with the credit going to her. She is 34 years old now and still follows the plight of the Vietnam Vet.

Thank You, My Brother and have a wonderful day!
My greetings to your family,

Phil “Country” Crowley
September 26, 2007