Craig Gilhaus


American FlagI saw it displayed from the porches of houses,
It was on men’s shirts and lady’s blouses.
It waved from the cars that passed.
It was hanging from every overpass.
The sight inspired, a verse required.
This flag it waves for you and me.

I saw held high by people of all races.
I didn’t ask why, it was on their faces.
It was waved by both the young and the old
In every place the same story told.
In all their waving they were saying.
This flag it waves for you and me.

Even in smoke and fire, broken and shattered.
It seemed to fly higher, though it was tattered
The Stars and stripes, the red, white and blue.
I didn’t make this up, the whole thing’s true.
It wasn’t scripted, no one was conscripted
That this flag it still waves for you and me.

This flag is your flag. This flag is my flag.
From Barrow Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands,
From the Cascade Mountains to the Florida Keys;
From Catalina Island to the New York Skyline.
This flag it waves for you and me.