Paul S. Gifford


I had given myself an hour to compose
a curious piece of witty pertinent prose.
And as those minutes tick ticked on by –
nowt was conjured – and I asked myself why?

Perhaps my ability to write had faded;
maybe it’s my age I have become jaded!
The flame of imagination might have ebbed,
and no words of interest remain in my head.

So I am not going to write a poem today,
as I could not conjure one worthy word to say.
For each time I tried I was met with defeat,
so today, alas, there’ll be no poetical treat.

Tomorrow my muse might arouse perhaps-
And I shall recover from this verbal relapse.
Once more to discover that voice in my head
and quickly jot down all the words it has said.

So farewell kind reader, now I’ll shall go
But hopefully you’ll return again tomorrow
To discover words, words worthy to be read
And not another empty page here instead…