Connie J. Gibbs

Reverend Connie J. Gibbs is a past pastor of Woodland United Methodist Church, Windsor, VA.

Her deceased husband first served in the Navy and was a veteran of the Korean Conflict. He retired from the U.S. Coast Guard with a total of 27½ years of service.

Connie has a very high regard for our military men and women who are willing to place their lives on the line for their country and the freedoms of which we so often take for granted.


Young men and women go with anticipation, excitement, and the readiness to serve this great country we call, America.
Their journey begins at “boot camp,” and as the days wear on,
with encouragement, they tell each other in the midst of exhaustion,
“This too shall pass.”

Then the transfers come, destinations initially unknown.
Then reality sets in as the three-letter word looms ahead…

Still, there are no misgivings about the decision to join,
to fight if duty calls,
for God and Country…one and all.

They find themselves down in the trenches
where the skies look dark and bleak,
only an hour has passed…already, it seems like a week.

The vibrations from the exploding shells seem to explode within;
The raging of the “tracers” never seems to end.

“God bless America,” words seemingly easy to say,
If ever needed to be said, it is needed on this day.
When soldiers of all races, ages, and social class
place their lives on the line,
while whispering in a quiet breath,
“This too shall pass.”

May we always remember the men and women who have served before,
leaving the battlefields with either less or more.
Less, when limbs are lost, or worse one’s sanity…
more because of a job well done opens the door.

For other men and women on the battlefront,
to muster the courage to bare the brunt.
The brunt of what it takes to keep a nation free,
of what it takes to win the freedoms enjoyed by you and me.

As we face the tomorrows with anticipation and wonder,
Let us remember those who fought and still fight the battles over
land, sea, and shore.

May we strive to see the day when war will be no more,
when hatred and anger will not last,
when men and women no longer have to say,
as they lay in the trenches,
“This too shall pass.”
God bless America.