Steve Fuller

Steve submitted these two poems, the first written in 1928 by his grandfather, Francis J. Fuller, and the second in 1988 by his uncle, Barry F. Fuller.

The poems relate the story of his grandfather’s achievement in being part of the team that participated in the first motorised vehicle, a Chevrolet (4 Cylinder), to cross from Taylor’s Arm To Hickey’s Creek in New South Wales, and Francis’s son’s (Steve’s uncle) adventure in re-tracing the trip sixty years later.

Francis J. Fuller

Francis J. FullerBorn on 3 August 1893, Francis served in the Australian Imperial Force 4th May 1916 to 10th Oct 1919 during WW1, and was in England and France during 7th Feb 1917 to 2nd Sept 1919

On 26 June 1940, soon after the start of World War 2, Francis enlisted in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force at Newcastle, New South Wales and was allotted Army number NX45613.

He stated on enlistment that he served in Australia with the following units:

  • 4th Australian Infantry Training Battalion
  • 1st Australian Infantry Training Battalion
  • 2nd Australian Armoured Training Regiment
  • 6th Australian Armoured Regiment
  • 1st Australian Infantry Training Battalion

Francis passed away on 30 March 1972.

Barry F. Fuller

Barry F. FullerBorn on 25 July 1935, Barry enlisted in the Australian Regular Army at Marrickville, New South Wales on 31 March 1953 and was allotted Army number 2/7611.

Embarking at Brisbane, Queensland for service overseas with the 2nd Royal Australian Regiment per 'GEORGIC' on 8 October 1955, Barry served in Malaya from 8 October 1955 to 31 October 1957 with the 2nd Royal Australian Regiment.

After disembarking the ship, “New Australia”, in Sydney, New South Wales, from Malaya on 31 October 1957, Barry elected discharge from the Australian Regular Army in Sydney on 30 March 1959.

He Served in Australia with the following units:

  • 1st Australian Recruit Training Battalion
  • 1st Australian Field Regiment
  • 2nd Royal Australian Regiment
  • 4th Royal Australian Regiment