Sharon M. French

Sharon spent three years in the U. S. Army providing Clerical Support and also went through Combat Training. Almost two of the years that she served were spent in Germany.

After returning to civilian life with an Honorable Discharge, she worked for the State for 15 Years. During this time she met and married her husband and has nothing put love and wonderful thoughts about him.

Briefly, Sharon became a writer because she was going through some very stressful and troubled times in her life. She became addicted to Video Lottery and then suffered from major depression that causes a chemical imbalance when she is stressed. During this period, Sharon lost her job and all track of time, and for several years she comments that it seemed like she had to learn things all over again.

At her lowest point, Sharon considered taking her life because everything looked so dim and hopeless; this despite the best efforts of her husband and friend to help her find happiness and peace. It was when she was at her lowest that she decided to pray to Christ and ask God to help her. Before that time she had never written any poems or stories, but it seemed as if she were given another chance.

Sharon became aware and concerned about what is happening in today’s Society and the world, and grasped the opportunity to express her views through poetry and short stories. It was good therapy for her and, in her writings she endeavors to point out the beauty of life, which is a gift from God, and the inner peace that helped her change her mind about her own worth.

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