Joseph V. Fragomeli Sr

Joseph is a 1st Sergeant, US Army, Retired


A Veteran died somewhere today.
I’m flying my flag at half-staff.
I am not sure where it took place,
But another good soul has lost the race.

It makes you want to bawl and cry
To see duty and courage finally die.
It cannot be the end ‘cause good will not go.
Man’s spirit is written in the mud and the snow

Don’t cry for the veteran; have a stiff upper lip
If you feel like toasting then go have a sip.
Yes they’re gone and still they’re here
With all of their spirits I quaffed many a beer

Hang onto your memories please don’t forget
All those brave souls who have paid the big debt
What do we owe them; is there money enough?
If we called them again they would show the same stuff