G.L. “Rocky” Fortner

G.L. “Rocky” Fortner

A former Corporal of Marines who served with the Corps from 1963 to 1967, Rocky’s service included duty in Vietnam with Lima Co., 3/9 Marines and Lima Co., 3/3 Marines in 1965-1966.

Rocky was a “Grunt” Anti-Assault man with The United States Marines – Lima Company, Third Battalion, Third Marine Division (“AMERICA’S BATTALION”). He landed in-country August ‘65 at the tail end of the first major Marine offensive of the Vietnam War, “Operation Starlite”. He suggests that he wasn’t much more than a replacement for the Marines that were K.I.A. or wounded in that mess.

He later participated in three other major operations over an 18 month period (he extended), during two of which he was wounded (“John Kerry wounds”), shot once in the leg, and later took a bit of metal from a booby trap explosion going through a hedge row looking for “Charley” on another occasion… “I cut myself shaving worse, and got a lot more scars from life than the Nam ever gave me.”

Retiring in mid 2004 with back and other medical problems, Rocky and his family have recently relocated from “Sunny Southern California” to movie into their new home near Spokane, Washington with his bride and almost 10-year-old son… “I started late in life”.

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