Josh Forbes

Josh resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Dear Jack Layton,

You sit there in your quiet home, no fear is in your heart;
You sleep soundly certain that it won’t be blown apart.

Your children they can go to school and play out in the park;
They’ve never seen a bomb explode, heard air raids in the dark.

They’ve never seen dead bodies piled up on the street;
Your wife, she won’t be beaten, treated like a piece of meat.

You are free to form opinions, read any news print you can see;
You enjoy your rights and privileges in this country wide and free.

The reason you can live like that is because I fight your wars;
I fight and push the enemy back – I keep them off our shores.

I am here and you are there pretending you know best.
Well Ole Jack, now listen close while I get this off my chest.

You have the right to criticize; you have the right to complain;
You don’t have the right to drag me down in a stupid political game.

The thing about your rights Ole Jack, the part you can’t comprehend
Is you work in the very system, the democracy I defend.

John Gilbert “Jack” Layton, Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) since January 25, 2003I stand on fences around the world protecting those that need it;
It is not for you to determine Jack whether or not it’s worth it.

Ask the people in Afghanistan if they want me to stay,
Women and children depend on me – you say just walk away.

I don’t need your changing policy, trying hard to not lose face,
What I need is you behind me, helping to protect this place.

You know it’s hard to do this when I think I’m all alone.
I hear stories of young punks pissing on memorial stones.

I read the papers over here and they tell me what is said.
Canadians are losing faith – I can’t get it through my head.

You say that it is hopeless, it really brings me down
Don’t tell my mother we’re losing, don’t spread that rumour around.

I’m doing good: were winning here, but no-one will believe
Because we are way over here where no-one there can see.

Women here can work you see, children starting school.
We built a working government; we’ve broken Taliban rule.

We are so close to winning this, it’s not too far away;
History will show that we were in the right to stay.

When that brilliant day arrives, victory you’ll claim is ours
You’ll forget you said to run away – forget you are a coward.

On that day just thank me for my courage and my trouble;
Find another place that needs help, and send me on the double.