Helen Fletcher

Helen FletcherHelen grew up on Vancouver Island, B.C. and learned how to fly a Cessna 150 single engine aircraft at 21. Graduating from nursing in 1976 and adding a science degree in 1997, Helen nursed for 28 years in hospitals, outposts and communities, and finally teaching at Smyth University in Monrovia, Liberia in 2007 and 2009.

Village Misitries Website
Helen invites you to see what Village Ministries are doing in Liberia
Helen has been able to travel the world (including 6 months in the outback of Australia) and even take her 3 children, now adults, on a few “educational” trips to augment their world perspective.

Since 1989 Helen has been boarding international students to study English, which has enriched her family’s lives. As she nursed, Helen could exchange her travel stories with stories of the lives of her elderly patients who described what it was like living through two world wars.

My Remembrance Day Poem

As the century opened, you sat in schools – you made the rules.
You danced through the twenties and loved.
Your friends went off to war.
You survived the thirties
Raising your children on unforgiving prairies,
Farming a resisting land.
Gone were the grand days of the nineties.

You raised our mothers
You gave up your sons to war – the best you had.
Your husbands too, left to find work, and sad
Did not describe the ache in your hearts.
You struggled on and did your best – and all the rest
We know – we read in books at school.

In spite of this there are such fine
Accomplishments among you
Teachers, singers and violin players,
Doctors, lawyers and inventors too.
You were important then
Our country yours to develop and defend,
Is still free
Politically, religiously.

You leave us our heritage and now
You deserve our very best:
You are important still.