Laurie Fisher

Laurie is an Australian Vietnam Veteran


I wake at night in a lather of sweat
Painful memories; should I regret or forget?
My mind is troubled as it travels in time
Events I question – were they a crime?

I left for a country; I thought, “Yeh! I’d have a go”
I was young and to be honest I just didn’t know
Many a man went to war with honour and pride
How many a vet on return, just wanted to hide

No one pushed me to go, ‘twas my decision alone
My problems began when I returned home
Unable to settle – job after job – all I could do was wander
Lonely, tormented – a bad attitude got stronger; my life I did squander

I went to a doctor for help and what did he think
“You’re a case I can’t handle. You need a shrink.”
Sat in shrinks chair listened to all he had to say
Made no sense to me, just blew me away

Went to a mate he talked and gave me a beer
He said listen my friend there’s no need to fear
You’ve fought your fight; it’s now time to rest
Forgive and forget and in all think of the best

The roads become smoother since the advice of my friend
I fight no more, a relief no longer having to defend
A war long ago is come to an end
A tormented mind slowly beginning to mend