Ned Falconer

Ned and Wife, Di

Ned was Regular Army and departed for South Vietnam in June 1966. He initially served at Nui Dat Task Force Base with 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, 3 Platoon until was posted to 7 RAR, D Coy.

On 27 November 1967 he was Wounded In Action on the first day of ‘Operation Forest’. He regained consciousness on the 29 Nov (his eldest daughter’s 5th birthday) and was CAS-EVAC back to Australia and admitted to 2 Military Hospital in Ingleburn, New South Wales, until his discharge, fit for duty in March ‘68.

Ned has a very large range of Vietnam Memorabilia and takes the exhibition to numerous High Schools. One of the above photographs is a Newspaper photo of Ned at an exhibition: the other of Ned and his wife, Di. He has written a book of poetry and also has CDs with his poetry put to music, both of which are available through the Veterans and Family Support Group, Taree NSW by contacting Jan at the email address:

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