Dana L. Facchine

Dana is a High school senior, aged 17, who enjoys writing and reading poetry, acting, singing, playing the flute and piccolo, volleyball, studying the French language and is a Member of National Honor Society, French Club, Interact Club, Concert Band/Chorus, marching band, Spring Musical. She loves the Dave Matthews Band, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and selected male actors.

With three collections of her own poems and a collection of short stories to her credit, Dana plans to pursue a career in Journalism from Elon University.


Your fortitude and dignity
shine through your outer shell.
In your eyes I see a strength
that only actions could ever tell.
You await a beckoning call
to demonstrate your immense ability.
Deep inside, you’re scared as hell,
but you lead on with nobility.
You were taught to persevere,
to never surrender until you fall.
There is no doubt that you deserve
the most recognition of all.
You do not receive enough
for the tasks you perform out of will.
Trepidation lingers on quivering lips,
but you stand proud and true still.
Bloodshed masks the world you knew
and destroys the world for which you yearn.
Your nightmares become reality,
but you never cease to learn.
Freedom shoes in which you tread
over unknown ground and terrain
could not fit upon a man
who has not experienced such pain.
Your fallen brothers and sisters
have shared the honor of your deeds.
Never once do you hesitate
to attend to another’s needs.
Within there is a steady fire
that only took one small dream to start.
A trace of doubt cannot be found
if you look into a soldier’s heart.

Author’s Note: For those who serve, courageously giving their lives so that I may live mine in peace.