Steven Ehrlich

Steven Is A Vietnam Era Veteran Who Served In The 78th Division Army Reserve Unit in New Jersey from 1968 to 1974. He was a drill instructor with Company E during 1972 to 1974 and retired as a Staff Sergeant.

In 1996, Steven wrote the poem, “We’re Finally OK” and dedicated it to all the men and women who, throughout the History of the United States, have paid the ultimate sacrifice. His poem has been engraved on the “Clasping Hand” Statue at the “All Veterans’ Memorial” in Kokomo, Indiana.

A designer of military Tee Shirts, Steven sells to Army and Navy stores and has the largest POW/MIA line in the United States.

All Veterans' Memorial - Kokomo, Indiana
All Veterans' Memorial - Kokomo, Indiana


We went there when we were young
but died before our work was done.
With friends we tried to rid the land
of tyranny and oppression to let Freedom stand.
But our time was up so we passed the baton
to those behind to carry on.
Now through these years of untold pain,
we know we did not die in vain.
So they put our names upon the wall
in honor and memory of those who gave all.
And though we are not here today,
we want you to know we’re finally OK.