DustyWebmaster’s Note: It has now been discovered that Dusty is NOT a Vietnam Veteran (references and correspondence available), and Dusty/Dana has admitted the same. Nevertheless, her writings remain powerful word pictures that had, until her exposure as a fraud, positively affected the lives of many veterans – including mine.

Notwithstanding her deception and any possible explanation she has or may provide, I regard her poems as displayed on this website to be descriptive and well written accounts of the feelings and duties of a Vietnam Nurse through the eyes of an imaginative writer.

Accordingly and after much soul searching, I have decided to retain Dusty’s writings on the IWVPA website until and/or unless she requests their removal or objections about my decision make it clear that it is right and proper to remove them.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Webmaster
(Australian Vietnam Veteran: 1969-1970)
October 30, 2007

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