Richard J. Dunn

Richard served in the British Army from June 63 to July 69 and saw service in Borneo, Muscat and Oman, (Middle East). He also served with the Australian Army from 1976 – 1982, during which time he received injuries for which he now receive a pension.

The father of a 19-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, Richard is the proud husband of a very special lady who has stood beside him for over 30 years. Of her, he says, “God Bless her, she is stronger than I could ever be.”

Towards the end of his service, Richard went through a period where he couldn’t go on parade and couldn’t see the glory; it was then that he began to remember one young man in particular who had spent over half of Richard’s life in a grave in Singapore. This young man, Richard realized, was in a sense was and could have been he. Richard was haunted by these realizations; he felt so guilty and even thought that he was going mad.

Well, he’s not mad; the medicos told me so! But I will never forget Sapper (Tiger) Harkin who was only 19. He and so many others who gave so much shall never grow old and should never be forgotten.

Richard provides this note: “I know nothing of poetry but as I cannot paint, I have tried to put my thoughts from the pallet of my mind into words that are the picture of my soul at the time of writing them.”

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