Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Sharon

Bernie “Doc” Duff: Sharon
Bernie with Mrs Kay Lane, Mother of Sharon
Artist’s Note: Lt Sharon Lane died on June 8, 1969 at the 312th Evac Hospital in Chui Lai, Vietnam, as the result of fatal shrapnel wounds from enemy fire. She is the only female military nurse killed by hostile fire during Vietnam.

Sharon is shown holding a Vietnamese child, much as she was seen the night before she died. Initially, this painting was to go to The Sharon Lane Foundation, but went to Sharon’s mom, Mrs Kay Lane instead. After seeing the painting, “Building Blocks,” it was decided that it would be better suited for the clinic in Chui Lai, where the “Sharon Ann Lane Foundation” opened a medical clinic, near where Sharon died.

This photo is of me with Mrs Kay Lane. It was taken just prior to presenting her with the paintings of her daughter, Sharon. Mrs Lane, now 80 years young, still continues to cut her own grass and has a memory better than most 21 year olds! The jacket she wears in this photo is one from the VVA Chapter from Ohio that is named for her daughter.