Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Quick Dip in the South China Sea

Artist’s Note: I wasn’t sure if I should include this painting one called, “Quick Dip in the South China Sea,” since it may offend some.

This is a painting of a little girl (maybe three years old) who came out to the beach in Vung Tau with her dad while we all sat on the shoreline. He immediately took off all of her clothes and let her take a quick dip in the cool water, something that brings back memories of when my kids were all younger. To me, the whole thing looked so cute that I couldn’t help but see a painting in my mind. I can’t help wondering why this may be considered pornography now; when such scenes were Masters when painted by da Vinci or Michelangelo. As I painted this painting, it reminded me of all of those precious little moments of being a daddy!!

Webmaster’s Note: I am pleased that Bernie deferred to the opinions of me and another friend in allowing this beautiful painting to be displayed despite the possibility that some “close minded” people may find it offensive. We also considered the possibility of the painting being used as a “pin-up” for the sick-minded creatures that achieve gratification for their sexual fantasies by viewing such images. The painting is beautiful and natural; the identity of the little girl is not know and is never likely to be to be, and the artist is a man of great integrity and honour. All feedback about the painting will be judiciously considered and dealt with appropriately.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Webmaster
May 28, 2005