Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Little Girl from Vung Tau

Artist’s Note: I appreciate your feedback and thank you for seeing, in my painting, “Quick Dip in the South-China Sea”, the memories I have of precious moments from the past, rather than only the painful memories often depicted in my other paintings.

After returning from Vietnam on April 1st, 2005 there was a measure of healing that had taken place within my heart and mind. I guess, as “wounded” combat vets, we all too often only focus on the things that have hurt us for all of these years since battle. Even now, as aging men and women of that war, we sometimes miss those things that may walk right in front of us… like this little girl. The vision of her brought back a rush of warm memories that had, unfortunately, been placed on a dusty shelf in my mind, along with those bitter memories that I wanted to stay locked up. She was like a tiny butterfly that was sent from God to show me that we cannot ignore all things in life and in order to live we too must shed that armor and be open to the good things that often just “flutter by.”

With this in mind, I offer up another rendition, this one call, “Little Girl of Vung Tau.”