Bernie “Doc” Duff


Bernie “Doc” Duff: Hungry Angels of Tra Vinh

Artist’s Note: Today I am posting my latest painting… the first one completed in Vietnam. This painting was taken from a photo taken by Bao Anh of three young boys in the village of Tra Vinh. I have written about these kids several times in past Blogs, but have finally completed a painting of them, which you now see.

They are “chowing down” on sandwiches given to them by the charitable group she belongs to, “Ước Mơ Xanh” (Green Wish). To recap what I have already written about in past Blogs, these kids are forced to spend 14 hour days (every day) working in piles of garbage. They do this to find recyclable plastic and, if they are lucky, will earn enough money to eat one meal before going to bed at night. This cycle begins for kids in Tra Vinh at the age of about four.

Though there is a school, most of these kids cannot attend, since if they do so, they will have no food to eat. We are trying to establish a scholarship for those kids that would like to attend school. It would pay for three meals each day, as well as clothes and basic school supplies. Like the boys in my painting, they are all precious and all angels.