Bernie “Doc” Duff

(The Last Breath)

Bernie “Doc” Duff: Hoi Tho Cuoi Cung (The Last Breath)

Artist’s Note: This painting “mirror version” of an earlier work I did called, “The Last Breath.” This painting depicts the same view, only this time, the people involved are Viet Cong soldiers.

My hope, with this painting, is to show that regardless of what direction the rifle barrel was pointed, the pain was equally distributed among all of the warriors. Pain wasn’t selective about which flag a person flew and its torment has never really eased up in the years following the war.

Recently, when I visited Vietnam, many former Viet Cong soldiers were surprised to hear that we Americans still suffered from the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. Like us, they had only thought it was something from which they endured. Hopefully, someday, we can all look upon one another as human beings who survived a war directed by politics. When war is declared and fought, we are all losers in the beginning, middle and end.