Judy G. Doughty

Judy found the IWVPA site from reading “I’m Tired” by Robert A. Hall which she believes is the sad state of our country. Mr. Hall speaks for most people that Judy knows. “God bless you Mr. Hall.”

Judy is 50 year-old and has lived in Texas all her life. Although she has not served this great country of ours in uniform, many of her friends have. She has always, even as a little girl, had a place in her heart for those who fought and continue to fight for her, and takes this VERY personally as you will see by reading her poem.


This gift of love is not for you it’s the gift you’ve given to me.
Because of you, My Dear Soldier, it’s the gift of my family.
Through out the darkness of night we sleep
so peaceful so safe and so warm
with no fear and no fright until morning light
as sure as the sun rises at dawn.
Because of you and your gift I ‘v received
I go to work daily with no reprieve.
And the gift of the traffic I fight for my pay.
It’s our blessing from you every single day.
Because of you, I have the freedom to choose
When and where the verbiage I use.
Because of your gifts you have given to me
America the beautiful that’s our country you see,
So big and so strong and ever so great
Your country, my country will never abate.
You see my Dear Soldier, though I don’t know your name,
You ask for no flowers, no candy or fame.
The gifts you have chosen for me and for mine,
second only to my gift from Christ the Divine.
With all of my heart, my gratitude and prayers
My thanks to you can never compare
Nor even come close to your gifts that you give:
Allowing me freedom, to love and to live.
I know of a place called heaven by most
With the glorious saints and the angelic hosts.
Someday somehow your face I will see
And in that same place, you will see me.
Our paths will cross and our faces will shine
As I meet my soldier and Christ the Devine.