Willie G. Dougherty


I can’t understand, when people say
Vicious things to me day after day.
They tell me I’ve maimed, killed, and destroyed,
Innocent children, women, “just boys”.

Well the truth of it is, I’m so lonely, so hurt.
I’ve had my face to the ground… down to the dirt.
I’ve been spit on, hit, abused and harassed,
Horribly cited because of my past.

I only did what I was told…
Acts of courage, men so bold.
Yes, I fought for a country, for the right to be free,
Only did what I had to, for you and for me

What I thought was the right thing to do
For the land of the free and a home to come to.
No parades, waving flags, no welcome home.
Why do I feel so very alone?

Will you ever understand that what was done
Was to benefit all… to unite us as one?
All these fears, all my tears,
I still cry out… after all these years.

A piece of my heart, a piece of my life
Was left in Nam over that strife.
I need to have peace deep within my heart,
To know that I am not to blame for the part

That I had to play in that damn war
Never even understood what I was fighting for…
I hope someday people will understand
That I never meant to destroy a land

I pray to god that I will find a way
To stop fighting that war day after day…