Tommie Linn Dorris

Tommie is the daughter of Vietnam Veteran, Tommy Dorris


Tommy Dorris
Tommy Dorris - My Dad
It’s been three years
since you’ve been gone
I try so hard to carry on.
I miss your laugh
and I miss your smile.

But what I miss most is when
we would sit and talk awhile.
It’s funny how it still feels the same
that early morning the Angels came.

I still don’t recall very much;
but I do remember my last touch.
Your face so peaceful in a deep sleep
I said goodbye with my hand on your cheek.

You are still here and not far away
I feel your presence everyday.
I will always laugh and cry too
because of all the memories
and how much I miss you.

To my father, who will always be
in my heart so tenderly:
Forever your daughter, I will always see
how much love you have for me.