Linda K. Dokken

Linda served with the USMC in 1966-67


We weren’t just tokens or pretty faces,
to decorate your offices and platoons;
we weren’t dumb, too plain or too stupid
to make it in the real world.
We’ve marched your muddy roads,
carried and shot your heavy guns.
We’ve been shot at, wounded, and died,
and been prisoners of war.
We’ve been active in all services,
and risen to high ranks.
We’ve tended your bleeding wounds,
and held you when you were dying.
We’ve flown your mighty airplanes
and navigated your giant ships.
We’ve fixed your broken engines
and driven heavy equipment.
We’ve mailed letters for you,
and brought you news from home.
We’ve stood alongside of you,
without flinching or running away,
and continue to stand by you today.
We are not asking for special treatment,
or that you should go out of your way.
We’re only asking that you recognize
that women are veterans, too.