Andrew D. Doherty


Dear Santa,

For years you have delivered gifts, joy and smiles
To men woman and children over the earth’s many miles
So this time Santa, we’re giving you a gift for a change
just sit back, read this letter…let us marines explain…
you’ve been there for our families, at times we couldn’t be…
when we were in the sand, the timbers or across distant seas
Though your sleigh couldn’t land in the jungles far away
or on those hot desert sands in battle zones on Christmas day
The Christmas spirit has always arrived in time without a scuff,
your presence brings us smiles, and for Marines that quite enough.
Santa, the entire Corps wants you to know, on account of all you do,
The battles we fight this time of year, are in recognition of you.
You see, these times around Christmas, we may see green and red,
But the green is on our B.D.U’s and the scarlet, well it’s on the dead
Many seasons we hear guns; on Christmas we’d rather hear bells,
Though peace is what we offer afar, if refused we hand them hell.
So Santa whether you’re at the north pole, soaring through the sky
or dropping by a child’s house to drop some presents by
Cherish the gift we give, which has no bow or fancy paper,
We proudly offer our lives to make the world a little safer.
Keep us in your heart and remember these words true:
The United States Marine Corps will be watching over you

Yours Truly,

The United States Marine Corps

P.S. When you’re flying overhead, you know what to give us?
Along with a jolly HO HO HO, yell “Semper Fidelis”