Laurie Dirks

Laurie is a Canadian who served with both the Black Watch and the Royal Canadian Regiments. He is a Retired Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM).


I’m near 80 years old my work is done
I can no longer march, or handle a gun.
I sit in my rocker and watch the world go by
I recon I’m there till the day I die.
“Don’t despair: VA, is there!”

My tired old body is wracked with pain,
Its a whole lot worse on days when it rains
I push my walker, I hang on for dear life,
When I need help, I call for my wife.
“Don’t despair, VA, is there!”

I can’t cut my grass: no flowers this spring,
I’ll answer the phone, if I hear it ring,
I can drive my car – only till five,
I’m beginning to wonder, why I’m alive.
“You can’t call DVA, there’s no one at home!”

I have diabetes, and have had for years
It forbidden for me to have a few beers.
My heart starts to race, there’s pains in my chest
I stop everything then, and have a short rest.
“Call DVA – but not before nine!”

My blood pressure soars, I need to take care,
On the top of my head there’s hardly a hair,
My eyes are dim, It’s quiet hard to see,
A victim of “Agent Orange” I be.
“DVA’s on the ball, Just give them a call!”

My libido is gone, my sex drive is nil,
My doctor says, “There’s no cure in a Pill.”
Diabetes, bad heart, arthritis, one lung and all,
It’s enough to make your bloody skin crawl.
“Never fear – DVA is near!”

“AGENT ORANGE” is the cause of my ills,
In order to survive I take dozens of pills.
VA claims to be there for sure:
You know what I think, that’s a crock of MANURE.
“VA promise to help, but were not just sure when!”

Author’s Note: I’m waiting for DVA to consider my claim since 1995. They have no record that I was in Gagetown, after serving there for 14 Years. Is that not amazing. And all along I thought I left my mark there.

This poem prompted the response, “The RSM and the DVA” – ©Copyright November 10, 2010 by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD