Billy F. Dial, Jr


He is not of legal age to drink;
just recently he started to shave,
only months ago he was in high school,
but then again, that was yesterday.

He plans on going to college,
eventually, come what may,
at least that was the plan he had,
but that was yesterday.

A young lady waits at home,
each night for him she prays,
and in between the letters home,
she anxiously counts the days.

He patrols the streets of Iraq,
beneath the hot sun’s s rays,
the only thing safe in his life, for now
are those things from yesterday.

He is tired and he is weary,
he’s seen things no man should see,
a daily struggle with life and death,
make it hard for him to find peace.

In six month’s time, he has aged ten years,
but in truth he is only nineteen,
all those things of yesterday,
now seem like a dream.