Billy F. Dial, Jr


Will they remember us when we are gone,
the battles we fought, the wars we’ve won?
Will any of this matter to the youth of tomorrow,
the loss of lives, the carnage, the sorrow?

Will they remember the reasons we fought;
the freedom provided the democracy we brought?
Or, will this all be passed off as an old cliché,
as patriotic rhetoric from their grand parents’ day?

Will they remember, as a hearse rolls by,
With a flag draped casket, resting inside,
to show gratitude and respect, if only in thought,
for the hero within and the freedom he’s brought?

Will they remember the spine tingling sound
as a bugle blows “Taps” at the burial ground?
Will they remember to honor the military man,
regardless of their political stand?

Will they remember the sacrifice?
And that freedom comes at a very steep price?
A bill that was started so long ago,
and is still being paid by many they will never know?

Will they remember…?