Billy F. Dial, Jr


I read in the news, how you made a stand,
you marched in the streets of our country’s land,
trying to say who is wrong or right,
telling our country they should not fight;

Marching against Marines, like me, here,
defending the rights you hold so dear,
assuming I love to kill and maim,
acting like this is some sort of game;

You call yourselves experts on what we should do:
on September eleventh where were you,
while thousands of Americans suffered and died,
are you trying to say this is something you can abide?

Were you at the funerals as they lowered the caskets,
maybe you should remove your rose colored glasses?
I so, want to feel the comforts of my home,
where recently I left my family alone,
yet I’ll do my duty in this far off land,
so you can march on Washington and make your stand;

Do not despise me for what I do,
because truth be known, I do it for you,
to hopefully free you from terror’s arm,
so you can have your freedoms, free from harm;

What is the price, for the life you live?
What is the payment you have to give?
Is it starring in a movie, or singing a good song,
that has kept you free for all this long?

It is men like me, and others too,
doing what our country calls us to do,
sailing the seas to this far off land,
while you stay at home and make your stand;

I am not bitter, this is the life I choose,
So the rights you express so freely, you will not lose,
You may not support me for what I do,
But you need to know, I do it for you;

When this is over, when we are through,
I would rather you just say, thank you,
for giving you, the time you had,
to march in our streets and make your stand.

Author’s Note: Hi folks,

I am enclosing a little poem I wrote.

I wrote this shortly after arriving here in the Persian Gulf, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We had been getting sporadic news from the states and it seemed most of what we were getting was about people protesting against the military being here. Most can tell you that I am very passionate about what I do as a U. S. Marine. So… I felt so strongly about the protests that I sat down and wrote a little something that expresses my feelings on the matter from the Marine side of the coin.

I shared this with a few friends and family. I have become really surprised and humbled at the reactions I have received on this. My wife told me many had requested it, so, I am sending my poem, titled “The Stand” to you. I hope you enjoy it.

God’s Peace

March 25, 2003