Billy F. Dial, Jr


Billy F. Dial, Jr: Only a Moment Had PassedThe doctor placed you in my arms: I was nervous because you were so small. Suddenly, this feeling of peace came over me, and I wasn’t nervous at all. I looked at the miracle before me because, to me, that is what you are: this child that God had given to us, at that very moment you out shined the stars. You lay so still and quiet, as I held you against my chest, I was so afraid of dropping you, still a little nervous I guess. My mind raced with things that would happen for you, there would be school and sports and proms; all this and only a moment had passed, as I held you in my arms. Suddenly you’re a young lady, yet only a moment had passed, I don’t understand where the time has gone, why can’t those moments last? I know you are quickly growing up, and soon you will want to be on you own, but you’ll always be daddy’s little girl, no matter how old you’ve grown. I can’t believe how the years have flown by it’s not fair that they have gone by so fast, yet in this aging, father’s mind, only a moment had passed

Author’s Note: This one is one I wrote for my daughters. It is not a war poem, but inspired by the separation that most military experience when they leave their families at home. Amazing, you turn around one day, and some how, they grew up on you.