Billy F. Dial, Jr


Billy F. Dial, Jr: Old Glory Speaks“I’ve been around for many years,
long before you were here,
I was born in a simpler time,
when patriotism was revered.”

“I’ve served in every branch of arms,
yes, I have seen my share of war,
no one served more proudly than I:
of me, you could ask no more.”

“I’ve served through the worst of times,
yet there have been good ones too,
like the time Neil Armstrong and I
made history by going to the moon.”

“I’ve accompanied young men to Arlington,
and Ft. Rosecrans to name a few,
while not the happiest of the things I’ve done,
still a service I was proud to do.”

“I’ve been held in the arms of mothers and wives,
as they said their last good byes,
and felt their sorrow and grieving,
caught the tears as they ran from their eyes.”

“I have served in so many capacities,
my purpose has always been the same,
to be a symbol of integrity, honor and pride,
never a source of shame.”

“I’m getting pretty old now,
I’ve been cursed at, burned, things I don’t deserve,
yet as long as my country has a need for me,
I am still fit for duty and ready to serve.”