Billy F. Dial, Jr


A full moon hangs up in the sky shining its majestic light,
The world around me seems like day, as I think of you tonight,
The glow it gives is a light to the world, as all can see its wonder,
I say a prayer, hoping you will hear, as it travels over the water;
Maybe you see the same moon too, as you sit at home and ponder,
The days I’m gone and not with you, in pursuit of glory and honor,
If you could say a special prayer as you gaze into it’s light,
Maybe I would hear that prayer and know you are alright;
It sure is hard to understand, as I gaze into the light,
How anything could be wrong in the world, on such a beautiful night,
If only things could be as they seem, beneath the glow from above,
Then I would be at home with you, the people that I love;
So when you see the moon, shining down from above,
Look up and say a special prayer for someone that you love,
Maybe it’s a sister, a brother or a mom,
Maybe it’s your father who has been gone from home too long;
What ever you do, enjoy it’s light, the beauty that it brings,
Let your self get lost in it and forget the daily things,
Know that I am far away looking at the light,
Hoping you are doing the same as I think of you tonight;

Author’s Note: I was in the Persian Gulf in 2003, on the fan tail of the SS Curtis; amazing views from the back of a ship, especially when there is a full moon out – I wrote this, to describe this event. Billy – May 8, 2006

SS Curtis: Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ship
SS Curtis: Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ship