Billy F. Dial, Jr

“In honor of our fallen men and women in Iraq”

Today the war is over for him;
he is finally going home,
several others are going too,
so he won’t make this trip alone.

Suddenly it seems a lifetime,
since he left his loved ones alone,
but today the long wait is ended,
he is finally gong home.

One moment the plane is airborne,
the next it’s touching down,
after many months of being gone,
he is back on American ground.

A group of Marines approaches the plane,
for him this is something new,
that such a greeting would lie in store,
they are even wearing Dress Blues.

They escort him from the aircraft,
for him they’ve provided a ride,
he is presented with an American flag,
a symbol of honor and pride.

He now finds himself at Arlington,
here on hallowed ground,
the piercing sound of a rifle salute,
and “TAPs” from a bugle sounds.

For him the war is over
and like so many before him have done
he has made the ultimate sacrifice,
and now he is going home.

Billy F. Dial, Jr: Going Home