Billy F. Dial, Jr


He is a part of the finest fighting force,
the world has ever seen,
all know his reputation,
he is a United States Marine.

He is the kid from New York City,
the farm boy from Tennessee,
now he is a member of the chosen few,
not the young kid he used to be.

He is called on to do our country’s bid,
in the air, on land and sea,
and pay the price he has to pay,
to keep our nation free.

He wishes no ill toward any man,
yet he will firmly stand his ground,
for his God, his country, his family,
to these he is duty bound.

In wars he has grown weary,
in peacetime he has grown gray,
he has guarded our homeland for many years past,
and he is still here today.

As the world gets more confusing,
one thing, on which you can depend,
there will always be the U.S. Marines,
and our way of life they’ll defend.

Should you get the chance to thank them,
and look them in the eye,
don’t be surprised if they return your “thanks”,
and tell you humbly,” Semper Fi.”