Billy F. Dial, Jr


Try to remember a time in September,
for it was not that long ago,
that thousands of American families,
fell victim to an evil foe.

Going about their daily lives,
unknowingly running out of time,
never thinking for a moment,
that they could fall victim to such a crime.

So many innocent people,
lost in the rubble that day,
never getting to say good-bye,
perhaps not even time to pray.

Try as one may, you can’t understand,
what makes men do such things?
How anyone could attack the innocent,
or the carnage their actions would bring?

Their deaths a symbol of victory,
to those who would do us harm,
since that day in New York City,
nine eleven, defined a different alarm.

There are some people out there saying,
“the war on terrorism is not our fight,”
if so, ask the families of those who were killed,
if they think you are right?

Try to remember, a time in September,
Let our nation’s resolve remain steady,
so before terrorism comes knocking on our door again,
a united America will be ready.

Billy F. Dial, Jr: A Time in September