Charles “Chuck” Deines

Chuck served as a Soldier, a Sergeant with the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion in Wiesbaden, Germany


Scholars, teachers, mentors, and soldiers
Counselors, roll models, and soldiers

These are the people who are called to defend the liberties and values that this country was made.

They don’t ask why, they just go, leaving families behind to defend this great nation

When they return they are greeted with parades and the ones that were left behind with tears in their eyes they see the son that wasn’t walking when they left and now can talk.

The parades end all that is left is the memories of what they made while they were soldiers.

But they will never forget the children in these war driven countries and the smiles on their face when they see the red, white, and blue coming to make sure everything will be alright.

What is a soldier; it is the one who sacrifices anything to defend the people of the nation.