Jill Tyler Webb David

(To my Father and the Soldiers who fought in Vietnam)

The rain never seems to stop here
I only hear the screams
of the passing bullets
flying by my head
Do you hear that?
It’s the screams of the unforgotten
trapped in a nightmare
never to wake
My only salvations
are my letters from home
telling me I was not forgotten
There is no sleep here
Too scared to close my eyes
Death keeps chasing me
I cannot grieve for the lost
Ashamed for what I’ve done
There’s a beast that never sleeps, inside me
In my nightmares I speak in other tongues
I am the unforgotten
For those who have passed
But, are never forgotten

Author’s Note: I wrote this in dedication to my father, Joe-Bob Webb who served with Alpha Company 4th/23rd Tomahawks 1970 and now lives in Texas, and for the soldiers who fought in Vietnam.

The inspiration behind my poem is my father, a true American hero, my hero because of his struggle to forget the nightmares of Vietnam. So, I wrote this for my “Daddy and for The Unforgotten.” To my father who left the war with a Purple Heart, bronze star, Silver Star, and a broken heart, full of the nightmares of Vietnam.

“Dad, I hope that when you read this it will set your heart and soul free.”

My father said the hardest thing about the war was his fallen comrades. He said; “I just wanted all of us to return home safe – but, so many never made it.”

I told my father; “But, Dad, everyone did make it home. Just maybe not to the same home they knew before the war.”