Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly

Dancing Butterfly: The Spirit of My Grandmother
My Grandmother

She was my Angel on Earth
Was taken from me with
such a hurt

She came to me one night
Awaking me with such a fright
She was in a glow of white
Never seen a Spirit so bright

Beautiful smiling down on me
Closed my eyes felt my Heart beat
It was too much waking from a sleep
I ask her not to come to me

Later I was told she was Free
Wanting to tell me not to grieve
So Happy and out of pain
In such a Beautiful place

Today I would welcome her light
Seeing that Glow so bright
Has Been so long since then
It’s time she visits again

So as I write this with tears
I Would Love to see her near
She is welcome in the night
Come to me my Grandmother
and hold me tight.