Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


I watch the Flakes as they come down
So very Beautiful falling to the grown
White and Pure like Angels above
It falls from the Heavens with their Love
See the Sparkles and Glitter all around
Take them in your hands there is no sound

Each Flake is different so they say
Like all of us in so many ways
Look so high into Space let it fall
on your Face
Make a Snow ball and Angle cakes
It’s so cold and refreshing to
Don’t forget to wear your Boots

Watch the Children as they play
Sledding and Sliding on their way
Smiles and laughter on their face
No School for them in the morn
Hot Soup and Hugs to keep them warm

So each time is Snows do not Fret
The Angels wanted to get you wet
To wake you up and listen close
The Creator is there he is the most
With all that Beauty we can see
He is always there for you and me