Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


The Clouds don’t come out to play
The Stars aren’t as bright
I don’t hear the falling rain
The Butterflies have left
The Song Birds don’t sing
All around me is so Grey
No colors to be seen

Earth has turned cold withered and Old
My Body yearns to hold you I hurt so
Cold rushes in blowing on the Wind
Another Season will soon begin
The warmth of your hands
Would change everything
The Blue Sky would return
Clouds will come out to play

The Stars would sparkle Bright
I would hear the falling rain
The Flowers with their Beauty
Like on a Summer day
Birds would sing once more
Flapping their Wings

Butterflies with all their colors
Like Rainbows on the blue
Circling around me and you
Green Grass upon the ground
Trees moving with all their sounds
Having you share our Love with me
The Sky would turn Blue like it use to be