Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


When I was a young girl
I use to feel things not from this world
Blankets taken off me as I slept
Shadows in the Night that Crept

Scared of The dark I would weep
Wanted the light before going to sleep
My Dad didn’t understand my fears
He would turn the light off with anger and smears

As I grew older into my Teens
My Dad left us with no means
But I was Happy and serene
I could sleep at night with a Gleam
With my Night light before my Dreams

Later on with Children of my own
They had a night light to call their own
They would not be scared of the dark
I was there holding them in my arms

My Grandmother passed and after one week
One night as I was sound asleep
I woke to see her appearing to me
Saying Granddaughter do not grieve
Happy and without Pain look at me

Smiling in a Glow of white
It was such a Beautiful sight
But scared and swiftly shut my eyes
My Heart was racing in the Night

In Days that followed into my life
I hear sounds into the Night
The Spirits come to comfort me
To help my Heart when it Bleeds

Taking my hand protecting me
Not scared of the Dark I feel so Free
With Spirits All Around me

This poem prompted the response, “Those Who Walk Among Us” ©Copyright January 14, 2007 by Alan L. Winters