Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


When I look back in how the years have flown by
Being so young – seeing Love through my eyes
Wanting a Man’s Love and touch
With Babies held close in my arms
It happen that way – I was in Love
All fell apart it wasn’t what I thought

Then again fell in Love
More Babies with less Hugs
Stayed for awhile taking it all
Wondering why his Love wasn’t strong

Time moved on and I met a Warrior
Love was born with so much warmth
All went wrong others were there
Stomping on his Heart they didn’t care

I am alone missing a Man’s touch
Hearing he Loves me so very much
Telling me I am Beautiful even If I’m not
Needing someone beside me as
the Creator would want

Thoughts of those days searching for Love
Trying so hard to be with ONE
Getting older and Hurts behind me now
I walked softly and took a look around
A New Beginning… A Warrior I have found