Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


Soon after you were called home
I asked the Creator to take me to you
My grief was very hard to take
I would awake each night crying with unbearable pain

My days were empty I hurt so
I miss you, my Warrior; no one knows
When I would meditate I could feel you near
Little things kept happening here and there

I find pennies sent from above
We had a thing with that
When I was with you my love
I meditate closing my eyes
Like I did when you were close by
Seeing the blue like in the sky
This time it pushed through to the other side

A field of yellow flowers was in my sight
My heart smiles with the beauty I see
One vision you were smiling walking towards me
Happy without pain telling me not to grieve
Our love’s so strong and will always be
My visions of you are a gift to me